I have created a prototype for the layout of my Planed that I am going to be creating, I have looked at different types of planes that are similar in size and design that my original idea is going to look like (two seats on either side instead of the three you have in more modern day planes have).

I am looking at the different shapes of the interiors of the planes to find out what they look like and the overall shape of the interior of the plane will be for both a three rowed plane and a two rowed planes and I will be looking at what they do different from each other and which one is going to be better for me to create over all.

ZA003a.jpgThe three rowed plane has four over hanging luggage doors that are above the passengers – this is to house all of the passenger’s luggage – there are two different sets of light that line both of the corridors un like the two rowed planes.


As for the two rowed planes there are not co many baggage areas because their isn’t enough space and there isn’t need for any more. This image shows what the inside of the luggage areas are going to look like on the inside as well as the door mechanism which could be implemented within a Matine of the door opening.

The amount of seats has also been halved because of the over all size of the plane.



I am going to be looking at the different textures that are used within various amount of games and how they use these textures to inflict the characters with fear and unsteadiness throughout the whole environment. As well as this I will be finding some textures that I could use for my won project as well as the over laying and decals that I will be using.


I have decided to look at the different types of textures that some of the luggage is going to have on the plane and looking at the various amount of textures that are going tho be used for my 3D models.


The first two images that I looked at was form a unreal engine horror rooms that both have a rather similar feeling to them that I really clear to see. The thing that I have noticed is that they bother have rather compelling textures that indicate that its a rather spooky as scary location, as well as this there is a huge amount of layering within both of the images.


Also shown within this image taken from my evil within game there are a lot of textures that are over laying to increase the amount of gore and eerie effect that it is going to give to the player.


I have found out that using multiple amount of layers of textures for a certain scene can increase the amount of spookiness and eeriness that is inflicted to the players. Making sure that their are textures that look as if they are used and not ones that look brand new because this is going to take away some of that scare because they look way too clean, so making sure that there are over laying textures of blood, rust, mold, decay, etc.

I could use this in my own work by layering up the textures that I will have within the plane, using multiple layers to get an eerie and put forward a more spooky and horror feeling to the environment. Applying all of the correct layers that they have been used within the games that I have looked at and using them as a reference for my own project.


What makes a horror game?

Unpredictability- Making a horror game unpredictable can increase the fear that is given to the players as they play the game, but not knowing what is going on within a game or not knowing when the next monster, jump scare or unexpected things is going to happen and scare the life out of you.

It isn’t seen as a bad thing for most games but for some games it can make the game rather boring rather quickly if something is predictable. For example: if FNAF (Five nights at Freddies) was predictable to the point where you knew what animatronic was going to be at any time then the game would become repetitive and boring to play.

A game that has used unpredictability is “Amnesia: The dark decent”where you do not know where the enemy is going to pop up next because they can turn up at any time or place they want without you knowing where they are coming from. This Is a good because it means that it is much more difficult to do the longer the game is , this is becasue the players will become more comfortable and become more in tune with the games mechanics.

In Amnesia, you grow to understand the enemies more and you figure out the most efficient ways to hide from them.



3D assets/Prototyping

Plane layout idea

I have looked at the different layouts of planes as well as the positioning of all of the assets that normal planes have (i.e. the different exits and placements of chairs). In doing this I can find out what the different layouts of different planes are going to be and what one out of the rest is going to be



As I found out with the two different floor plans there are some similarities and some differences with both the three rowed and two rowed planes. One of the main differences are that amount of accommodations their are on the planes:

  • The two rowed plane only has one toilet at the back of the plane and one cafe at the front of the plane
  • The three rowed plane has 8 toilets that are located throughout the plane in the from back and center of the plane, 5 cafes around the plane and two changing rooms that are located within the first class area.

Now the reason why there is such a different between these both is because of the amount of space and the length of the planes are completely different.


I have learnt the different shapes and layouts of two different models of planes as well as the placement of other accessories such as the cafe’s and the rest rooms. This is going to help me out a lot when I am creating my plane interior, by letting me see how my plane is going to be arranged, how many seats are going to be created and the other accessories of the plane.


Luggage carriers


AC and emergency buttons

I have looked at various different shapes and styles of planes that are going to help me in creating the plane that is going to be within my final major project. I decided to go for two rows of seats, two either side. This is because for this prototype I was wondering what it would looking like without the middle compartment as well as the other lights.

luggage ara

I have created only a few rows of seats as well as a few luggage over hangs to see what It is going to look like and see if there is anything I could add to this.

Lights – I have created a texture map for my lights to see how it is going to look when it is complete and within the engine




So far within this week I have managed to create most of the over all shape of the interior of the plane by mapping out this shape is going to help me with the placement of the chairs, windows, buttons and measuring whether it reaches the correct height of the character. The texturing still has a little work to be done on it but this is a work on progress and more needs to be added to it because there needs to be m=normal and secular maps as well as decals.

As well as this I have found out a few things that make a horror game successful with it textures and lighting playing a really important scenario with the horror mood.



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