This week I am going to be looking at different games and see what they all have in common and what I could implement within my own final major project. I will also be gathering textures for my assets, experimenting with various amount of other textures to see what one best fits what I would like my final major project or what works with the rest of the plane other than just having random textures spread everywhere.

I am going to be creating more assets and prototypes for other assets that I am going to be implementing within my 3D environment. By researching games that already have planes within them and using them as my references.



I have been looking at the different designs of the plane seats, seeing how they are made and compare the different designs of the individual chairs. By looking at the different chairs I hope to find out what makes them different from one another and see the different materials, structure and the added features that some of these seats might have from one another.


I have found this seat that looks rather sleek and simple to make and their doesn’t seem to be any added features anywhere on this chair only on the back there is a small television that is in the back of the head rest.


This other chair does have more features than the other one by having an extended arm rest that has a display on it as well as reclining abilities for both the legs and the back rest for maximum relaxation. Not like the other chair where it doesn’t have any of the features this one has. As well as this, the second chair is filled with wrinkles. Now I know how to recreate this type of illusion form previous projects by using different mapping. However, I am not too good at this skill and it still need work on perfecting my skill.


Asset creating and prototyping


I decided after looking at how the chairs are designed on the planes as what different designs that various amount of planes had I decided to create a chair of my own that was based off of the chairs that I looked at.

I stared with the basic design of the chair by trying to make it mate the images that I looked at, giving it the curves and the rounded edges of the chair giving it a cushion look. I got the players size so I could match the size of the chair to the exact preferences and size that the chairs are going to be as well as its width and height of the seats cushion.


I have added the sides of the bottom half of the chair as well as adding the head rest into it place and making it rounded and comfy looking. As you see the colour of the bottom half of chair is different now, this is because the previous idea that I had in creating this look didn’t turn out too well and it didn’t match or look well done.



I have decided to change the whole Idea and style of the chair because the last chair idea as I was creating the side parts of the chair the polys that where on there broke and it distorted the whole model.So I though that it would be better if I tried another idea and another look of a chair to see how It would go and look within my 3D environment.

I did some research for this chair and I found out that it is a state of the art next generation chairs that are going to be used in the future of air lines. This is because this chair has the ability to extend its head and leg rests as well as being able to make it fit your own preferences to make the journey really comfortable really comfortable for the passengers.

I thought that this could really be used for my plane because i had an idea that when the character is walking around the plane one of the chairs could adjust itself without to touching it (it would be behind the player to make them jump), this will be activated by a pressure plate with possible sound if I have the time to do this.



Texturing the planes walls, seats, luggage, storage areas, etc, is going to be a difficult task to do, because I have to get the feel of horror within the environment and I have to make it look realistic and convincing enough for the players.

I have looked at a few examples on games that I could use and study to see what they have done, how they have done it and how I can implement this in to my own work making the environment as creepy and scary as I possibly can.

Textures for the luggage area


I have a different texture for the door of the compartment because it is going to be housing the other passengers “belongings” are going to be stored and its where something is going to be leaking from the storage area and it has made the metal rust and a little damp too.

I wasn’t quite sure If using this was going to work because of the sudden change in shading and textures and I wasn’t too sure if it was going to ruin the illusion of horror. I asked my peers what they though would make it work or whether it matched the surrounding area as well as if it didn’t stick out too much.


Now after creating the textures that were pretty plane and they didn’t fit the game type that I intend my environment to be. So to change this I looked at some decals of to find some textures that would change this seemingly normal environment to a rather horror filled environment.

I looked at rust and water stains (that I could change to to blood stains) to give off a stale, abandoned feel to the environment.


As you can see making it seem as if their is blood stains on the door gives a more chilling feel to the environment. However, I personally think that I have made it too like of a colour making it look more like a rust patch rather than making it look like a blood stain.



Coming off of last week with creating the over all shape and structure of the plane this week I have started creating the textures for it making sure that It really has that spooky fear invoking look to it which is really going to look good when I put it into unreal.  I have also stared working on creating the chairs for my plane, the first part of the week didn’t go too well for the modeling of the chairs because I couldn’t quite create the curved edges of the fabric that lines the seat and back rest, which is why I had to change my design of the chair to find one that has less curves then the other one.



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