For the café within the plane I had to look at the layout of what they are going to look like and how they are layed out so I can create one for my own 3D environment that is going to look rather similar or exactly like the original café.

I did find out that they’re not actually called a café like I originally though but they are actually called a galley, this helps me research about them and find out the different things about them. I am going to look at what each of the draws are going to contain as well as various amounts of different designs and layouts of the galleys that are within different planes as well as in different positions on of the plane.




I found out that they normally consist of up to 10 compartments that hold all of the items and drinks that are going to be stored within each of them. There are many different types of the galley’s that are on planes because it depends on the make of the plane, I am possibly going to go for the one in the picture below because it would best fit my planes layout more than the others.

I have chosen these three different images because they all show a different layout and structure of the galleys that are in the plane. This is going to help me when I start designing my own galley for my 3D environment on the over all shape as well colours, textures and placement of the draws and containers.

I have taken in to count the layouts as well as the different types of items that are going to be within each of the draws and containers. The draws aren’t going to be accessible because this will take too much time to implement that into my final project, sounds may be given off of these objects to make the character jump as well as having blood stains and scratches on the doors.



I have decided to make all of the top objects that same colour as well as making the bottom objects the same colour as well because this is going to help me with coordinating where the same asset is going to be places as well as how many there are and the length of each individual asset. I have given the objects a good base out line on where I would like the textures to go when I apply them to all of the assets.

There was a few issues that I did come across and these were that making the indents in the correct parts of some of the models


What makes a horror game?

I have looked more into what is going to make a horror game excel and take flight in the gaming community, I am doing this so that I can see what I would need to do for either my project that I am doing now or for the future of the project in order to make it a successful game in the future.

I found out that a good horror game has to have disempowerment which basically means that you must take away all of the power that the player has rendering them helpless in the face of an enemy which is going to make the game must more terrifying. I found an example of this, which is Amnesia where you are absolutely helpless when you are attached by any of the monsters, you cannot defend yourself against them.


This Video shows the main character being chased by one of the monsters and they are absolutely helpless. They cannot attack, all then can do is run away from the monster.


Having complete isolation is another thing that is going to make a game scary and make most situations worse for the player and making it just that little bit more scary for them. This is because if you was within a big team on a horror game then it wouldn’t be as scary because it would become too easy to outnumber the enemy or make the players seem more at ease because they are in a big group.

That is however not the case for the game ‘Until dawn’ you are placed within a group and slowly but shortly your team gets smaller and smaller as you and your ‘friends’ are hunted down by the monster that lurks through the woods.



This week I am staring to finish all of the 3D models that I need for my plane I just need to complete the galley that is going to possibly be on the other end of the plane or in the staring room of the character. I did some research into galleys and I have looked at different layouts as well as different planes to see what each of them look like within different planes and to see what they have that is similar.

This will help me intemperate them into my own layout and design that my galley is going to look like.



Side view galley:

Layout: Michael McAvoy. (Jun 9, 2005). Aircraft galley systems and methods for managing electric power for aircraft galley systems . Available: Last accessed 20/06/2016.