This week I am going to be adding the final touches by adding the textures and finishing off the last few models that I need to complete my whole 3D environment, the first thing that I am planing of doing is creating the last of the assets of the galley and texturing them to the appropriate colours and adding some decals to make it more sinister and eerie to look at.

I am also adding sounds, actions and different additions to the environment that are really going to make it spooky and feel more horror feeling.


The first thing that I was working on was adding some of the final props to the environment as well as texturing them to the correct preferences that would match the whole horror theme that I am going for. Some of the textures that I am going to be using for my planes galley.


As you see have used dark toned textures for the assets that are within the galley and I have stuck with that sort of theme throughout the planes interior. The reason why I have done this is because when applying the other elements within my 3D environment it is going to work well with blending the objects within the background and getting that horror vibe that I am trying to create.




This week I have added in all of my assets within unreal engine to see how it is going to look when I have layed it out with all of the correct parts in the correct places that they need to be in. I started to align the walls and the floor as well as starting to put in the lighting and chairs to add to the horror mood.

I was trying out with some experiments with this by trying to make the lights flicker as blow with the press of a trigger box to try and make the player get more mentally provoked and scared.


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