In this report I am going to be discussing what I have done throughout these 6 weeks, talking in detail what tasks that I have undertook and their importance to me and future tasks I wish to undertake, as well as the unit as a whole. I will be explaining the processes that I took to achieve the end goal for these tasks and what I could have done to accomplish a better outcome and what these changes would do and why. Running over my specialist study (discipline), what it is and how I can achieve a final outcome and how doing these asks is going to help with it.


Throughout this report I am going to do be critically analyzing each individual task and discus both my strengths and weaknesses, explaining why I think this and what I could possibly do about these to either make them a strength or to improve on them.


Main body of report


Personality tests


At the start of this unit I undertook three different tasks that each underlined different aspects about how and what they say about my personality, as well as what I like and how this defines me as an individual. All of these tasks had a different methodology behind them that they used in order to find out what interests me and what making me who I am. The first task that I undertook was a spider diagram that was composed of the things that make me who I am and I had to explain what I knew about them.


Throughout this task I was understanding what I knew about the make things that make me who I am and how this relates to what I’m currently doing now. The second task was an interview where another class member devised and asked question to find out more about myself and why I am where I am today. The third task was a personalities test (Myers Briggs test) where I had to answer roughly 60 questions to round up my personality, at the end of the test we was given 1 of 16 different personalities which all have different letters to signify the different personalities. This helped me understand more about myself and why I act the way that I do.


Out of these three tasks each of them had different cons as well as pros that give off a different result about my personality, as well as giving me more of an understanding of what makes me who I am and how these tests can be helpful in helping me with future tasks.




Spider diagram


For the spider diagram it didn’t really tell me about my personality because it was more focused on what I personal like and what I know about them, this to mean didn’t really help with figuring out what specialist study was going to be. However, it helped me understand that what I do know about certain subjects and how they impact me on my everyday life. This information can be used as Primary research within my FMP or future tasks.





The interview was good because it gave us an understanding on how to properly ask and perform an interview as well as composing questions that weren’t too one sided or too forceful to gather the information that I wanted to find out. Devising the appropriate questions was a little difficult to do as crating these questions meant that I had to make sure that they wasn’t too touch into their personal life as if I was forcing it upon them.

The skills that I learnt during this is going to help me with future projects because it is going to help me to create questionnaires that aren’t one sided or forceful on the people that I am trying to gather he information from. Building an understanding of how to properly structure an interview in order to utilise the information that I would like to gather.



The personality test wasn’t as good as I expected because some of the results that were given weren’t all completely accurate because of the way that our personality is decided is through a series of questions, that might not accurately describe my personality.


Research tasks


Skateboard tasks


For the third week we was given the task to research a subject that wasn’t relevant for the task or our chosen discipline at hand or towards any of our specialist that were planning on going into. The reason for this task to be set was to make the research that the class was going to be doing even because it was a subject/object that wasn’t relevant to anyone in the class so we all had an even amount of knowledge on the subject.

As well as giving the class an even stand point on how much we all know about skateboards it also helped us with our communication and researching skills more so than it would if it was something that was relevant to some of us and not all. We were put into teams of 4-5 and we had to underline and discuss what we knew about skateboards and how we could expand on this by doing further research improving our communication skills which is going to help me when working within teams.

I thought that this was good because it got the class involved into groups to combine their knowledge that they know and to work together to understand more about them.


Personal study


For the other part of the week we were discussing what kind of specialist study that we want to focus on for this week and about the evolution of this certain study that we are going to be basing our FMP around.  I chose to do environments for my specialist study looking at the changes within environments within previous and modern games of today and looking at the similarities and differences of both.

I have learnt a lot about what has changed about environments within games especially in the game Mario, the simple blocky background and foreground had changed operatically through the years of development becoming more complex making the Mario games stray away from the 2D and work on more of a 3D and rotational look.

I was looking at other games that look at more of a free roaming world utilising their environments, games such as GTA, Fallout, No man sky, Skyrim, etc. This also branched off from previous games that I’ve looked at (Doom) and how he creators of this game has changed to create another game (Skyrim, Fallout). This soon led to me onto VR and how games have changed and adapted to this style of gaming as well as the graphics and engineering of the games.

All of this information is going to help me with my future projects as well as m FMP and the reason for this is because it’s going to help me understand what worked well with environments as well as how it is changed so I can develop and create my work around them.


Human emotions


Within week 4 I was given two different tasks in which we are given an emotion and we have to do research upon the given emotion and then we had to show the research that we looked at and based it around the specialist study that were choosing to go for. After this task we were allowed to choose another emotion of our own choice that we had to do the same type of research and experimentations with.



At the beginning of this task I was a little low on the knowledge of fear and about what makes fear as it is, based on what is needed to create these types of environments and how to portray this within both visuals as well as sound within the environment.

I started off by gathering the proper information about games that involve fear and this was games such as: Evil within, Until dawn, Outlast and Resident evil 7. All of these games have a different approach to the way that they give off fear to the players and how that is executed within their visuals, understanding what each of them did in order to evoke fear into their players helped me in understanding how to do his within my own work.

The information that I discovered about the games and how they give off the sense of fear to the players and they all had different ways in giving this feeling on the way that they approached and executed it. This is going to be really helpful when creating future assets or tasks that involve any level of fear, by breaking down the way that they have done this and using the best parts for my own tasks.

As well as this I looked at movies as well as books get a feel on how they have evoked the emotion of fear upon the viewers and readers. One of my biggest inspirations was the movie ‘The Woman in Black’ because of the eerie scenes within the mansions, with the sounds, lighting, placement of object and the structure/execution of the situation.




For the other half of the week we were allowed to touch upon another emotion of our own choices and experiment with the type of specialist study, continuing and adapting on these skills by referring to the exact type of experimentation and research. The emotion that I decided to look into was memories, although this isn’t an emotion entirely it still gives of a wide range of emotions that can range from a variation of things: Fear, happiness, sadness, anger, etc.

To convey memories within a 3D model or within an environment I looked at the different ways that emotions could be given to people through flash backs or remembrance. I looked behind the psychology of memories so that I can have an understanding of what memories are and how I could give an object this kind of meaning that I wanted to give it.

I looked into games that use this kind of method, one of which is Fallout 4. In the beginning scene of Fallout 4 you are greeted to our son “Shaun” who as a mobile above his crib and this is used after the initial nuclear blast as well as your son being taken away from you. You go back to the house and the main character that you have chosen plays with the mobile that was once above your sons crib.


I decided to create two different items that could be used as a trigger point of a memory of some sort – that is possibly relating to loved ones as well as sadness/happiness – and I did this by looking at toys that were made with the 1940s that children had as their toys around that time (I had this time zone because that’s when the story design was based around).

I decided to create a paratrooper doll and a wooden plane, my reasoning behind this is because they both looked as if they were handmade which to me gave more of a memory based experience, once you know the story behind it.

This is going to help me with future projects because if there is a certain place or item that is going to evoke a memory feeling upon the player then I now know how to interoperate them within the locations or the locations themselves.



The fifth week were given the tasks to go off and to experiment in various ways for either our specialist study or interoperating it in another type of media. In my case I could create a gridded layout to show an environment or a model that shows an environment. Throughout this task I created four different experiments that I could use for my stud towards my FPM or future tasks, as well as this I looked at practitioners in different mediums that have experimented and I looked upon what they have done to develop this idea.

An artist by the name of Evan Roth did an experiment on the game called Angry birds where he painted with his thumb every movement of ever movement that he played out throughout the whole game as a piece of art.



Experiment #1

My first experiment was creating an over view of an environment where I mapped out and organised the sizes and the placements of each object, in my case was laying out a bedroom that was around the time of 1940-47 main because of the object and the theme that I was going to be working towards. This is going to help me because it is helping me understand spacing between objects as well as the sizes and placements.


Experiment #2

The second experiment that I conducted was to do with textures and marking lined on a piece of paper doing a different motion, pressure or style that I approached the texture. The reason why I was doing this is because I thought that experimenting with the different texture and styles could be helpful when creating certain types of textures within creating models and environments. As well as this I can scan in these textures –if any are close to what I would like to have on a certain model- then they can be used on them.


Experiment #3

The third experiment that I undertook was to create a model of one of the environments that are within the project making the surrounding and the main props in detail on what I would like them to look like for the final design. The location that I was hoping to re-create was ‘Ministry of health in white hall’ and he reason from this is because this location was very important to the time line that my running project/theme is (WWII era).

I did some research on the building and the surrounding area to get an insight of what it looked like around 1945 so I could get a brief understanding on what the building looks le as well as the surrounding area around the building.

This is going to help me because it helps me improve my researching skills as well as helping me with reference when creating the environment in 3DS MAX


Experiment #4

The forth experiment that I did was texture based within Photoshop and 3DS MAX from the models that I created within the previous post I decided to add some overlaying decals that are going to make to models look worn, dusty, bunt and overall more authentic to the situation that they are in. I looked at pieces of wood and fabric that have either been burnt, torn or dirt because of what has happened in the recent events of the era that my models were based around.

Doing this types of experiments are going to help me when creating the decals and the authenticity/ accuracy with the decals that are going to be around the modes and the environments.



Practitioners report


For week six I was looking at people who have practiced in the same sort of specialist stud which I want to aspire to in the future or within my FMP. I looked at two different people who did environmental work and how they used formal elements within their games go make them what they are.

I have created an infographic to show key dates of both of the practitioners that I looked into and within the post I describe what they have done within these games and how it has developed throughout the years that they have worked on their games.




The information that I gathered is going to help me out substantially by giving me an idea on how these practitioners created their work, what went well with their work and how they have touched upon and improved on the techniques that they used. I can use this in my own projects by utilising the key information that I found and develop it to my own specifications.





Throughout this unit I discovered a whole bundle of new information that is going to help me with future tasks as well as helping me towards my final specialist goal. I have found out more about the importance of doing correct research as well as discovering more out about my desired study that I am going to be focusing my FMP on.

Going through the initial personality tests help me discover a little more out about myself and why I have chosen to do what I would like to do within my previous tasks as well as more behind the reasoning on to why I have chosen the course as a whole. This sort of information is going to be great when looking for things that I general like through my personality and interests.

With my emotional tasks I found out a lot more about people’s emotions and how to interoperate this within my own work and making it to my specifications. The modelling that I managed to produce at the end of either one of these tasks I think that they went rather well, however there could have been more improvements based around the creation of these models could be tweaked. But I was happy with my improved texturing capabilities.

For the experimental stages I managed to expand a lot of different types of medium which I think is going to be a huge help within future products. The overall creation of my experiments went rather well because of their execution, because it was my first time sing these types of medium to create something that was related to a 3D model. Next time I could give more examples on each of the experiments to further validate my research into each of them, so I can make sure that they work well and that I could use different examples.







Shauns crib