Within this week I am going to be looking at the personality tasks that I went through in the previous weeks that underline and iron out my personality and skills that I posses. The reason for this task is to identify what my strengths and weaknesses are, what my aspirations/goals are and how these skills are going to help me obtain them.


Who am I task

Doing this task has helped me realise more about the main things that I think make me who I am, it’s given me a broader incite of what I actually know about the  four main areas that I have chosen and on what I actually do know about them. It helped me see what certain aspects make me who I am and the reasoning behind these life choices, in why I have chosen to do what I have done within my life.


The Myers Briggs test

While doing this task I found out he type of personality that I have and the strength and weaknesses that com from these types of personalities. The first time that I took the test it said that I was quite level headed and that I an rather creative in the work that I produce, making every little fine detail perfect as I progress along to the end of the task at hand.

The second time I took it was said that I was rather fun and enthusiastic, curious and rather spiratic to what I choose to do which to me is the opposite in some ways to when i took the task for myself.

The strengths and weaknesses that I go from the first test were:


  • Creative – I agree with this strength and that is because I do think at times that I can be rather creative when I really would like to create something either for a FMP or for a privet matter I do like to get a bit messy and creative.
  • Insightful – I think that I am rather descriptive with what I am doing and explaining in-depth description.
  • Inspiring and Convincing – I don’t think that I am Inspiring or convincing and this is because I don’t think that I am too confident and not very good at some of the things that I do which is why I disagree with this.
  • Decisive – At times I do think that I can be rather decisive when it comes to certain circumstances, generally on a topic/project or subject that I like I think that II can make up the correct decision for what I think would be best for my current situation.
  • Determined and Passionate – I can relate to this because I have been doing martial arts for over 4 years and I’ve given up my time to train and progress in it.
  • Altruistic – I can relate to this one too because I do care for those who are around me.


  • Sensitive – I cannot agree with this weakness as I’m not the sensitive type.
  • Extremely Private – I slightly agree with this because I do think that I have a personal life out of the sight of the people that I spend time with in college.
  • Perfectionistic – I do think that I can be a perfectionist when it comes to my work trying to make it as perfect as I would like it to, to every define detail and I’m not happy until the piece of work or art are complete.
  • Always Need to Have a Cause – I don’t this that this is me personally because I am rather flexible when it comes to my goals and my tasks that I or others set me. As well as this it says if routine tasks feel like they are getting in the way, or worse yet, there is no goal at all, they will feel restless and disappointed.This is not the case I am somewhat pleased because it means that I learn from what went wrong and why I didn’t like the outcome.
  • Can Burn Out Easily – I don’t think that this is me, I tend to take my time and try not to over work myself leading me to “burn out”.

I found it quite interesting about the results that I got and the strengths and weaknesses that I got, I thought that some of them were really on point and they described me to a point and on the other hand others didn’t really go to what I personally think about myself. If I was to say it was about 40-45% accurate to how I perceive myself as an individual.


The strengths and weaknesses that I go from the first test were:


  • Charming – I think that I can be pretty likeable to others that are around me and people have told me that I can be rather approachable and easy to communicate with.
  • Sensitive to Others – I believe that I can be very in touch others around me making sure that they’re happy and well.
  • Imaginative – I can agree with being imaginative because I tend to think of wacky and eccentric ideas for concepts, ideas and projects, often thinking of other worldly things.
  • Passionate – I can slightly agree with this because I can get passionate with a few tasks or goals that I set myself and I can get very into some of the tasks that I do.
  • Curious – I am slightly curious with some things that I do.
  • Artistic – I can agree that people would find me artistic because of how I draw and how much that I draw and do things that are related to art.


  • Fiercely Independent – I don’t really agree with this because I am independent in some circumstances but the majority of the time I like to work within groups because I think it is a more flaunt and enjoyable experience.
  • Unpredictable – I don’t really think that I am unpredictable I like it when things are structured and well thought out and not doing anything courageous.\
  • Easily Stressed – I don’t think that I am easily stressed at all in any situation.
  • Overly Competitive – I don’t think that I’m overly competitive because personally when I’m doing something I don’t see myself as being better than the other player of person, I would rather have fun in the experience rather than winning.
  • Fluctuating Self-Esteem – I can sort of agree with this weakness because lately at times my self-esteem has fluctuated from good to bad.


Current skills?

The current skills that I currently have are:

  • Communication skills
  • Team working skills
  • Computer skills
  • Martial arts
  • 3D skills
  • Organisation
  • Punctuality



In the future my biggest ambition is to become a lead 3D or a lead Environmental artist. Seeing that my passion is to create world and explore different possibilities to what I can do within the world I think that I can aspire to thins.

I would like to be a lead 3D or environmental artist, creating the digitalised world of what the game could be souly based upon. I would like to create the assets and the world in which the player can freely roam around within.

What are the skills that I will need to get a job like this? There are many skills that will be needed to acquire such a job. I wasn’t 100% confident that I knew all of the skills that are required so I did a little research and found out this:


This lead artist will be required to:

  • lead an effective and efficient environment art team;
  • work closely with the Lead Artist to ensure quality and consistency of art across the project;
  • create and document environment processes and pipelines
  • communicate and collaborate effectively with other teams; and
  • explore new techniques and technologies to achieve best possible results.

Required Experience and Skills

  • Demonstrated visual flare and artistic talent
  • Skill in 3ds Max/Maya/Modo/zbrush
  • Skill in Photoshop
  • Knowledge of games development pipeline/environment/engines
  • Self motivated approach to work
  • Great communication skills complemented by a positive can-do attitude
  • Experience of working effectively in a team
  • Demonstrated passion for visual environment creation
  • Proven experience implementing game environments

Desirable Attributes

  • Formal art training
  • All round art ability
  • Love of games
  • Knowledge of Substance Designer and Painter
  • Concept art skills

These are the abilities that I have to have in order to go for such a job. To get a job like this I will have to work more un my 3D skills and widen the programs that I use to develop my skills within each individual program. Also increasing my Photoshop skills to help with texturing and mapping.


What would I like to do?

I would like to go into the 3D and environment side of the gaming industry. The reasoning behind this is because most of my work is focused on this and I see it as one of my stronger skills. I rather enjoy creating realistic and fictional objects and the world in which they will be placed within.

After college I am hoping to get a job within retail that relates to the gaming industry  and with the money and experience that I get form this job I will look into producing my very own work and them moving up and pushing forward to get a job within an industry working at the bottom and working myself up until I get the 3D modeling job that I hope to get.



Lead environment artist- 27/04/17





Future career choices



Within this section I am going to be organising my next step within my career choices. Whether it being going to a university or going into a full time job line within the media department.


University choices

I have chosen three different options to where I could progress within my specialist within the role of education and these are:


Hertfordshire university was one of the first university courses that I looked at. It is a three year course that entails; 3D work as well as 2D, Narrative and interactivity and conceptual art development, in the three year course.


The requirements to get into the course are:


Teesside University was the second choice that I chose for one of the educational pathways that I was going to be choosing for after I have finished college. The course entails that I will be working with Programming in both 2D and 3D over the course of the university. Although with programming I haven’t had a lot of experience with, however this is another step towards the media pathway that I strive for within a future career.

To get into Teesside University I will need to have the following:

A typical offer is 96-112 tariff points including at least one A level (or equivalent) in a technical, science or numerate subject such as computing, physics or maths. GCSE maths (grade C or equivalent) is essential. Key Skills Level 2 in Application of Number isn’t accepted as an equivalent.

You are invited for an interview, which also gives you an opportunity to visit our facilities and ask questions regarding the course. If the course is unsuitable for you, you may receive an offer for a related but more suitable course.


The third one that I looked at was The Birmingham City University. The overall course is longer that the Teesside University. The overall development of the course and what it entails is an awful lot. 2D and 3D game development, CGI modeling and animation, group work and AI development.


The entry requirements to get into this course are much higher than that of the Teesside university and these requirements are:

Entry Requirements

We accept a range of qualifications, the most popular of which are detailed below.

UK students

At the point of application, you must have GCSE at Grade 4 or above in English Language and Mathematics. Equivalent qualifications will be accepted.

112 UCAS tariff points from A/AS Level with a minimum of 2 A Levels

Typical Offers
UK Qualification Requirements 2017/18
GCE A Level/ AS Level BBC at A Level or 112 UCAS tariff points from A/AS Level with a minimum of 2 A Levels, at least one from a Science, Technology, Mathematics or Computing subject.
Access to Higher Education Diploma Pass overall with 60 credits, 45 at Level 3 and 15 at Level 2, including with a minimum of 12 credits achieved from any Technology units awarded at Merit or Distinction
BTEC National Diploma (12-units not including early years) D*D* or combined with other level 3 qualifications to achieve a minimum total of 112 UCAS points
BTEC Extended Diploma (18-units not including early years) DMM – 112 UCAS points
BTEC Subsidiary Diploma/ National Award (6-units not including early years) Combined with other level 3 qualifications to achieve a minimum total of 112 UCAS points
BTEC Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design Distinction
International Baccalaureate Diploma 1. For students who complete the full IB Diploma: a total of 14 points or above from three Higher Level Subjects.

2. Students who do not complete the IB Diploma will be considered on the basis of their IB Certificates.

Students must have grade 5 in Maths (Standard Level)
English Group A – Grade 4 or above,
English Group B and Ab Initio – Grade 5

Irish Leaving Certificate 112 UCAS points – Higher Levels
Scottish Higher/ Advanced Higher 112 UCAS points
Welsh Baccalaureate (core plus options) Combined with other level 3 qualifications to achieve a minimum total of 112 UCAS points
Other qualifications
If you have a qualification that is not listed in the table please refer to our full entry requirements on UCAS.

Further guidance on tariff points can be found on the UCAS website.

EU/International students
EU/Non-EU (International) Qualifications Requirements 2017/18
IELTS 6.0 overall with 5.5 minimum in all bands
International Baccalaureate Diploma (or equivalent, including internationally accredited Foundation courses). 1. For students who complete the full IB Diploma: a total of 14 points or above from three Higher Level Subjects.

2. Students who do not complete the IB Diploma will be considered on the basis of their IB Certificates.

Students must have grade 5 in Maths (Standard Level)
English Group A – Grade 4 or above,
English Group B and Ab Initio – Grade 5

Country-specific entry requirements and qualifications.


International students who cannot meet the direct entry requirements can begin their degree studies at Birmingham City University International College (BCUIC).

Additional Requirements

As part of the application process you will be invited to attend an applicant visit day where you will undertake a short one-to-one interview with an academic member of staff. This is your chance to show us how passionate you are about the subject and it will help us make a decision on your application.

This will provide you with more information about the Faculty and your course. In addition, it will give you a chance to meet and our staff and students to gain a better understanding of what it is like to be a student here.




Part 2


There are a few traditional ways of progression within the media industry and these are the following:

An apprenticeship, where you working within an industry from 6 months up to a few year. You work within a certain specialist that you would like to go into and you get to work and learn about the specialist that you want to go within and you get paid to do the job that you are learning about.


An internship is much like an apprenticeship where you work within a company for a certain amount of time, learning the ropes of the company and the role that you want to go into for your future career. However, they are harder to get because have to have a diploma in the field of which you’re trying to get, so it isn’t obtainable until you have a diploma or a degree where as if you was going for an apprenticeship then you wouldn’t need this.


You can apply directly to the company where you will be fully working for the company or you can work within an agency for another traditional method.


Apprenticeship vacancy here


As well as traditional ways there are also nontraditional ways of progression and these nontraditional ways of doing this include:

Competitions – You could take up competitions to do with the specialist that you are wanting to progress into as a future career. For example if you wanted to go into concept work you could take competitions of drawing a piece of concept work for a gmae of something and if it was to do with 3D or environments then you could create a 3D model or a world.

Social media – Social media is a good one because a huge percentage of the population is on social media. Social Media sights suck as Instagram and Twitter are good sources to get noticed by someone if they think that you have potential or good work. You can post images of your work on these social medias to show off what you have created and hopefully you will get noticed by a member within the industry.


Instagram – Here is my Instagram and as you can see there is a lot of pieces of my artwork that I have developed and produced over the space of a year. This is going to help show people what I can do and how I have progressed throughout the year of me drawing. Hopefully this is going to be noticed by artists around the world and within the industry and this will give me the push I need.

(Show screen grab of Instagram page)

Twitter – Here is my Twitter page and yes it is a little empty at the moment but it is going to be used and is used to show off both my artwork that I produce and the 3D work that I develop and create. This is going to help show people what I can do and show off my skills and works development. Hopefully like my Instagram this is going to be noticed in the near future and help give me the push needed.

(Show screen grab of Twitter page)


Final week

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